Our Branding

The creative expression of IDTANA values

In 2023, the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America paired up with agency Aura Creative to create a brand design reflecting the organization’s forward-thinking values. This brand design needed to represent the three IDTANA member countries (Canada, Mexico, and the United States), as well as the art form’s Irish roots. It also needed to evoke the organization’s commitment to progress and inclusion. The new design needed not only to look good, but to contain deep layers of meaning reflecting Irish dance’s rich history. We are so proud to show our new branding to the world, and share the deep meaning it represents for us as an organization, and for our thousands of North American Dancers.

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The Logo

Inspired by the fluid motions of a ceili dance, the logo uses emblematic Irish dancing imagery to create a unique and modern symbol that embodies inclusion, continuity, and welcoming.

The three loops represent the three countries of IDTANA and are shaped like location markers,  further solidifying the geographical connection.

The open ends symbolize welcoming and continuity, and the inclusion of three pieces in a figure set up for four invites the viewer to join in the dance and complete the figure.

This shape lightly alludes to Celtic knotwork while being modern and distinctive, embodying the literal motion of dance and the forward-thinking attitude of IDTANA and Irish dance today. 

The logo of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, featuring three interconnected lines in a knotwork shape. One is red, one is blue, and one is green.
The color scheme of the IDTANA – green, blue, red, orange, yellow, teal, and purple.


Our core color scheme is drawn from the flags of the three IDTANA member countries. All three flags feature red and white, with only Mexico’s containing green, only the United States’ containing blue, and Canada flying red as its main color. The resulting color scheme, as reflected in our logo, highlights all three countries, with green for Mexico, blue for the United States, and red for Canada.

In addition to celebrating our three member countries, these colors also represent the RGB color model, through which all red, green, and blue light can be combined to create the full-color spectrum. These colors celebrate the infinite spectrum of Irish dancers and highlight our commitment to welcoming and inclusion.

Our secondary colors support this commitment, filling out the spectrum to add depth and vibrance. You can see all of these colors across our website, with each section featuring a different one of our vibrant colors.



To support our brand design we developed an extensive photo library to showcase a wide variety of dancers. We teamed up with Irish dance photographer Silpa Sadhujan on a custom photoshoot of dancers from three regions, of all ages and levels, over two days in New York City. To ensure we highlighted dancers from as many regions as possible, we also held a nation-wide content search to source beautiful dance photography from around the country. All photos across the website are integrated with the IDTANA logo, to showcase the ways in which Irish dance enhances and supports our dancers’ journey through life.