Offered by IDTANA and An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha

Members of the IDTANA must first and foremost be certified and accredited by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG), The Commission of Irish Dance, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The IDTANA is formally associated with CLRG, recognizing CLRG as the foremost authority on Irish Dance worldwide, which in turn associates the IDTANA with other nationally based organizations worldwide, including Australia and Europe. Collectively, the organizations endeavor to provide a global standardization of competitive Irish Dancing. A primary function of CLRG is to set the standards and examination requirements for the certification of new Irish Dance teachers and adjudicators. Read on to learn about the certification process all IDTANA teachers undergo, as well as a guide to the certifications we offer.

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Certification Process

 CLRG maintains one of the most vigorous examination processes for both teachers and adjudicators in the world. To become a certified and accredited Irish Dance instructor, dancers must first undergo a 12-step examination process throughout their dance career, which covers the full syllabus of all solo and team Irish Dance categories, as well as the associated music.

Once a dancer completes all 12 grade exams, they can apply for the teaching certification test. Dancers must be at least 20 years of age in order to apply. The vigorous three-day exam includes performing all required solo dances for the examination panel, teaching both solo and team dancing before an examination panel, a written examination on the approved syllabus of team dances, and a music examination on the recognition of the approved syllabus of traditional music that accompanies Irish Dancing.

If the candidate is successful in all parts of the examination, they are then certified by the CLRG to become a registered teacher. However, before solidifying their member status, successful candidates must complete and pass a vetting background check, as well as complete a child protection course, in order to become an insured and official member of the CLRG, the membership of the IDTANA, and part of one of the seven North American regions.



The initials TCRG, meaning “Teagascóir Choimisiúin le Rinci Gaelacha” or “Commision Irish Dance Teacher”, indicates that an individual is fully certified by the CLRG to teach both competitive solo and team (ceili) dancing.



The initials TMRF, meaning “Scrúdú Teastas Rince Céilí” or “Certified Ceili Dance Teacher“, is a certification from the CLRG that the individual is certified to teach competitive ceili dancing only (team or group dancing).



The initials ADCRG, meaning “Ard Diploma Choimisiuim Le Rinci Gaelacha” or “Commission’s Highest Diploma in Irish Dancing”, indicates that the individual has already achieved a TCRG certification and is now fully certified to judge Irish Dance competitions, after successfully taking an additional adjudication exam. Candidates for the adjudication exam must be at least 30 years of age, have already passed the TCRG examination, and have actively taught Irish Dancing as a TCRG for at least five years. The three day vigorous adjudication exam includes a number of components from the TCRG exam, and further requires the candidate to adjudicate a mock competition, followed by an extensive interview by the examination panel about the candidates competition results in solos and teams, as well as their comments and considerations for placements.



The initials BG stand for “Bun Grad“, and indicate that the individual is a certified TCRG and ADCRG, and has further successfully passed the CLRG examination to become a “Grade Examiner“; enabling them to adjudicate individuals for levels 1-10 of the required Grade Exams that are a prerequisite for a dancer to be eligible to take the TMRF and TCRG exams. BG’s are however not full examiners, and can not adjudicate individuals for their TMRF, TCRG, or ADCRG certifications, or for grades 11 and 12.



The initials SDCRG, meaning “Scrúdaithoir Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha” or “Irish Dance Commission Examiner“, indicate that the individual is both a certified TCRG and ADCRG, and has further successfully passed the certification to become a full examiner for the CLRG.