Seven regions, Three countries, One organization

The IDTANA collectively supports the local membership of our regions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Read on to learn more about Irish dance in each of our IDTANA member countries!

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The United States

The United States is subdivided into five geographic Irish Dance regions: the Mid-Atlantic Region, the Mid-America Region, the New England Region, the Southern Region, and the Western Region.  Each region is also an incorporated not-for-profit organization, with its own officers and executive boards, representing members who live and teach within the geographic borders outlined by the IDTANA. These boards are responsible for running each region’s qualifier (also known as Oireachtas) for the National and World Championships, as well as overseeing local competitions.
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Canada is subdivided into two geographically large Irish Dance regions, appropriately named the Eastern Canadian Region and the Western Canadian Region. The officers and executive boards of our Canadian regions represent and support the vast and diverse needs of its membership across large geographical distances.


The growth of interest and involvement in Irish Dance in Mexico over the past 25 years has resulted in numerous dancers becoming accredited and vetted Irish Dance teachers in our organization. Mexico is recognized as a member of the IDTANA, and the administrative duties for the country fall under the authority and support of the Southern Region of the United States.