About Irish Dance

Who can Irish Dance?

An art and sport for all.

Whatever your background, age, or goals, you are welcome in the world of Irish dance. There is no typical dancer, and whether you want to be a world champion, or make friends at the studio and learn a few steps, Irish dance is for you. Below are some common questions we often hear about Irish dance. Click the links below, or scroll down, to learn more about the diverse world of Irish dance, and how you can find a home here.

Question 1

Do I have to be Irish?​

Definitely not! Irish dancers come from all backgrounds, and you do not have to have any Irish heritage or a connection to Ireland to enjoy the unique and beautiful art form of Irish Dance for yourself. Absolutely everyone is welcome to Irish dance, no matter what their background or familiarity with Irish culture. We look forward to seeing you on stage and in the studio.

Question 2

Does Irish dance have an age limit?​

Dancers can start at any age and there is no age limit to competition, performance, or any other goals. A lifetime activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Irish dance can be enjoyed by children, tweens, teens, young adults, middle-aged people, and octogenarians alike. IDTANA offers performance opportunities for dancers of all ages, and has a full Adult competition circuit for those who wish to compete. Regardless of your age there is a step for you!

Question 3

Do I have to be a natural dancer?

There’s no such thing! As with all types of dance and sport, no one is born a natural dancer or athlete. You can come to Irish Dance to enjoy the movement and music and over time it will become second nature and natural to you. It is simple to start, easy to understand and master the basics, and in no time you will be dancing!

Question 4

Can boys dance?

Of course! Irish dance is equally open to dancers of all genders. Boys enjoy the full range of opportunities available to all Irish dancers, including performance opportunities at both the local and international level, a prestigious competition circuit through the world championship level, and of course, the friendship, fun, and lifelong community all Irish dancers enjoy. 

Question 5

Do all Irish Dancers Compete?

Definitely not! Whether you are looking for a healthy activity, a social network, new friendships, performance opportunities, or a competitive sport, Irish Dance offers every avenue of opportunity for people of all ages to pursue personal goals or goals for their children. Most Irish Dance teachers offer instruction to children and adults. From there dancers choose their participation level and channel their energies into social and fun classes, performance classes or competitive classes. There is a rewarding path in Irish Dance for children and adults to satisfy all your goals!