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About IDTANA Videos The IDTANA Archival Committee has been tasked with capturing the stories of some of our most influential members over the years. Our committee’s goal is to gather these stories to benefit our organization’s teachers, families, and dancers and to preserve North American Irish dance history for generations [...]

A picture of five teenagers, four girls and one boy, sitting on rocks by the water, wearing Irish dance shoes. The IDTANA logo is woven throughout.

About our Logo

About IDTANA Our Branding The creative expression of IDTANA values In 2023, the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America paired up with agency Aura Creative to create a brand design reflecting the organization’s forward-thinking values. This brand design needed to represent the three IDTANA member countries (Canada, Mexico, and [...]


About IDTANA Ethics A commitment to strong ethical standards and child protection IDTANA recognizes the extreme importance of all members to strive effectively to ensure the safety and protection of all children. Members of IDTANA are all licensed, fully vetted professionals with the parent body, An Coimisiun Le Rince Gaelacha [...]


About IDTANA Officers​ The IDTANA is an incorporated nonprofit organization, and is led by an elected Executive Board of six officers who may serve for two consecutive two-year terms. The officers are members of the IDTANA and are elected by their peers at an annual convention of teacher members from [...]

A group of young kids learning basic steps with their dance teacher in a studio with a wooden floor. The IDTANA logo is woven throughout.


About IDTANA Certifications Offered by IDTANA and An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha Members of the IDTANA must first and foremost be certified and accredited by An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha (CLRG), The Commission of Irish Dance, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The IDTANA is formally associated with CLRG, recognizing CLRG as [...]

Two teeange girls in sparkly Irish dance solo dresses stand in front of a logo shaped like the Canadian Maple leaf. Both are wearing medals shaped like the same Maple Leaf logo. The IDTANA logo is woven throughout.


About IDTANA Regions Seven regions, Three countries, One organization The IDTANA collectively supports the local membership of our regions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Read on to learn more about Irish dance in each of our IDTANA member countries! Quick Links The United States | Canada | Mexico [...]

An image from IDTANA's history with several girls in ceili dresses screaming while holding a perpetual trophy. The IDTANA logo is interwoven through.

Our History

About IDTANA Our History A brief history of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America The Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, Inc. (IDTANA) is a not-for-profit, members-only organization which accepts registration applications from all teachers and/or adjudicators of Irish Dance who live and work in North America [...]

The Organization

About IDTANA The Organization North America’s governing body for Irish dance The Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America, Inc., is a not-for-profit membership organization representing over 1,000 certified and vetted Irish Dance teachers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Quick Links Purpose | Mission | Vision | 501(c)3 [...]