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4 Benefits of Irish Dance

An incredible workout, a beautiful art form, a lifetime of community, and a world of performance opportunity – no matter what you are looking for, Irish dance has an opportunity for you. Read on to learn more about the incredible benefits of Irish dance.

Benefit 1: Fitness

Irish Dance is a cardiovascular activity that supports heart and lung health. It supports flexibility, balance, muscle strength, bone density, and agility. In addition, it challenges dancers’ minds to recall complex sequences and promotes clarity and concentration. An activity for everyone, the dance and choreography can be modified for children and people of all ages and abilities while successfully addressing personal fitness goals.

Benefit 2: Life Skills

Dancers who participate in Irish Dance develop invaluable life skills that will support them throughout adulthood, in both their professional and personal lives. Good sportsmanship, time management, setting goals and working to achieve them, leadership skills, confidence, interpersonal skills, team building skills, ethical behavior, and volunteerism are just a few of the broader big picture skills that dancers develop through their involvement with this dynamic art form and its extensive and supportive community.

Benefit 3: Fun and Community

From your first night at class you will become a part of the incredible Irish dance community – meeting new people and making new friends as you master moves and choreography. Classes are energetic, and filled with the laughter as people attempt new challenges every week. You will enjoy the support of your classmates as you complete new steps, and enjoy the accompaniment of traditional Irish music. You will be part of a team with common goals and enjoy the camaraderie of shared personal triumphs as you participate in your childs, or your own, growth through Irish Dance.

Benefit 4: Competition and Performance Opportunity

Whether your goal is to compete or perform and have fun, Irish dance offers a world of opportunity both in your own backyard and around the globe. Virtually all dancers have the opportunity to perform in parades and local shows, often collaborating with legendary bands. For those who wish to go beyond their community, dance opens up opportunities to compete around the continent or world. Whatever each dancer strives for, they will find that opportunity within the world of Irish dance.

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