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Statement from the IDTANA Board

CLRG recently issued statements regarding an investigation connected to allegations of competition manipulation at major events. Such unethical behavior is a serious breach of the CLRG Code of Conduct and all allegations must be investigated to their fullest.

IDTANA supports CLRG in this investigation, the disciplinary process, and its outcome. We are pleased that the first phase of the investigation has been completed in accordance with the CLRG Disciplinary Procedure. It is imperative that the proceedings continue to be professional, transparent, and expedient.

IDTANA acknowledges that these allegations undermine confidence in Irish dancing. While it is a challenging time for teachers, dance families, and dancers, it is also an opportunity to re-examine competition procedures. To that end, IDTANA facilitated a productive discussion among the seven North American Regional Directors regarding the best practices to create a transparent competitive atmosphere. North America is proud to be at the forefront of such an important and necessary collaborative effort.

All North American regions will be strengthening their Oireachtas procedures with the goal of eliminating any opportunity for competition manipulation. In order to ensure the integrity of the process, we will not publicize the changes that will be implemented in each region.

Please be assured that we are committed to providing a fair competition environment where all dancers step on stage with equal footing.

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