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How to Get Started in Irish Dance

If you, or your little one, is ready to give Irish dancing a try, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s an overview of how to find a certified teacher, and what to expect from your first class. Finding a Teacher When starting to learn the art and sport [...]

2023 Cyril McNiff Scholarship Deadline Approaching

Don’t forget to apply for the 2023 IDTANA Cyril McNiff Scholarship Program by January 15, 2023! Additional Information:


Southern Region Oireachtas Takes Place in Orlando

The final North America Oireachtas weekend is here! GOOD LUCK to all dancers at the Southern Region Oireachtas in Orlando!


Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas Takes Place in Philadelphia

GOOD LUCK to all dancers at the Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas in Philadelphia!


Mid-America Oireachtas Takes Place in Indianapolis

GOOD LUCK to all dancers taking the stage at the Mid-America Oireachtas in Indianapolis!


New England Oireachtas takes place in Hartford

Nothing but the BEST OF LUCK to all dancers at the New England Oireachtas!


Western US Regional Oireachtas Takes Place in San Francisco

It’s TIME TO SHINE at the Western US Regional Oireachtas. Good luck to all dancers!


Western Canadian Oireachtas Takes Place in Victoria

It’s another Oireachtas weekend! Best of luck to all dancers stepping on the Western Canadian Oireachtas stage! 🐳☘️


Eastern Canadian Oireachtas Takes Place in Toronto

Oireachtas Season is starting in North America! Good Luck to all dancers competing at the Eastern Canadian Oireachtas this weekend!