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Grade Exams

Events Grade Exams Resources and upcoming dates CLRG Grade Exams provide a structured framework within which Irish dancers can progress towards an achievable goal. The Grade Exams syllabus has been designed to provide a strong foundation in Irish Dance by developing a candidate’s physical skills, stamina, expression, musicality and an [...]

Past Majors

Events Past Majors Upcoming competitions The North American Irish Dance Championships (NAIDC) is held annually in North America over the first week of July and is hosted on a rotational basis by each region. Scroll to view a list of past NAIDC locations. Quick Links   2023 | 2022 | 2021 [...]

Major Competitions

Events Major Competitions Upcoming competitions In addition to hundreds of local competitions, or “feiseanna,” IDTANA and its member regions host a number of “major” competitions each year, which serve as qualifications for the World Championships. These include the North American Irish Dance Championships (NAIDC) – a week-long international competition – [...]

Find a School

Find a School Begin your Irish Dance Journey Start your Irish Dance journey today! Use our simple interactive map and click on your area, or use our easily searchable directory below, to find a local, professional, certified, and vetted teacher in your neighborhood. JUMP TO Interactive Map | Directory List Interactive [...]

How to Get Started

About IDTANA How to Get Started How to find a teacher, and what to expect. If you, or your little one, is ready to give Irish dancing a try, then you’ve come to the right place! We are a non-profit organization that is composed of Irish dance instructors from all [...]

An Irish dancer is standing on her high-toes and looking at the camera. This is the the featured image for the glossary page.


About Irish Dance Glossary Your guide to Irish Dancing Terminology Like many activities, Irish dancing has a vocabulary of its own, complete with many terms you may not know yet, but which will become second nature over time. Our comprehensive glossary below will help you familiarize yourself with some of [...]

A musician playing the fiddle with the IDTANA logo interwoven.

Music & Musicians

About Irish Dance Music & Musicians The heart and soul of Irish dancing Irish dancing is intimately connected to traditional Irish music. Irish music is so ingrained into the dance form that the dances themselves are named according to the type of Irish tune that is being played. There are [...]

What do Irish Dancers Wear?

About Irish Dance What do Irish Dancers Wear? Your guide to Irish dancing shoes, costumes, and more When you are getting ready for your first Irish dance class, you might wonder what is appropriate to wear. There is typically no heavy investment in special clothes or shoes for your first [...]

Eight ceili dancers dance in a circle showing off one of the types of Irish dance.

Types of Irish Dancing

About Irish Dance Types of Irish Dancing An opportunity for everyone Traditional Irish step dancing can be subdivided into different types and categories, which adds many exciting and different dynamics to the art form. Unlike some other traditional or cultural dance forms, which may only have one standard format, Irish [...]

Why Irish Dance?

About Irish Dance Why Irish Dance? Irish dance offers more benefits than any other activity. An incredible workout, a beautiful art form, a lifetime of community, and a world of performance opportunity – no matter what you are looking for, Irish dance has an opportunity for you. Read on to [...]